How Many Subjects Are Compulsory For O Levels In Pakistan?

How Many Subjects Are Compulsory For O Levels In Pakistan?

Everyone from the upper class to the middle class chooses the O level over the metric system in Pakistan. It is difficult for Pakistani students to choose subjects for O-Levels. What is the number of Subjects Are Compulsory For O Levels In Pakistan?

How Many Subjects Are Compulsory For O Levels In Pakistan?

Unfortunately, they are unable to find quality counseling. Parents in Pakistan might not be familiar with the educational system and may not be able to provide their children with a clear path to follow when choosing O-Levels. Due to this, students cannot identify a distinct future, putting their upbringing at risk.

Subjects Are Compulsory For O Levels In Pakistan

There are many different subjects available that cater to students’ different interests. There are more than 40 disciplines available, and students can select any number and combination of them.


The students in Pakistan have access to a variety of course types. However, in order to pass their O-Levels in Pakistan, the student must select at least 8 subjects. O-Level pupils must eventually obtain an equivalence certificate in addition to the nation’s matriculation system.

Remember that in order to receive an equivalence certificate from IBCC, Islamabad, all students must complete five topics that are required of them regardless of their areas of interest.

Compulsory Subjects

  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Urdu
  • Islamiyat
  • Pakistan Studies

These courses are required by law for all students in Pakistan, hence they must be taken. Pakistan’s official language is Urdu, and all students must enroll in this subject. Despite being one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, English is not one of Pakistan’s official languages.

When it comes to research, mathematics is the foundation for business, science, and even the humanities. The Pakistani government has ordered it. However, all Pakistanis are required to have a thorough understanding of their nation and religion by the Pakistani constitution. In addition to Muslims, non-Muslims are excluded from studying religion. Islamic and Pakistani studies are essential for this reason.

Course Combination of the O Level Students

Elective subject combination in various groups:

Science Group

Group AGroup B
BiologyComputer Studies

Additional Mathematics As The Ninth Subject

In this category, students have an option between two different combinations. The sciences of physics, chemistry, and biology are included in one category. The other category, however, consists of computer science rather than biology. The pupils must decide between the two because their futures will take quite different paths.

Business/ Commerce Group

Option AOption B
Principle of accountsPrinciple of accounts
Economics Economics
Business studiesComputer studies

Students hardly ever comprehend the significance of business choice. Due to the kids’ lack of guidance, it is one of Pakistan’s major issues. The major areas where students study about business at a fundamental level in O-Levels are business and commerce groups. They steer themselves into occupations using their understanding of economics, business, and accounting.

Humanities Group

Humanities Group
Fine arts
English literature

Another category that is occasionally overlooked when choosing between different O-Level courses in Pakistan is the humanities. Students that are strong in the humanities also perform well in the fine arts, anthropology, sociology, and English literature. If these candidates are chosen at the primary stage, there is a potential for success. Studies in these subjects become more complex as students go to the next level, making it difficult to keep up with the concepts.

Choose The Subjects According To Your Interest

Before enrolling in O-Levels, it is crucial to get your aptitude checked. Students must make sensible choices because they will determine their future careers. One shouldn’t be hesitant if they can obtain information from their peers that can offer a clear way. It all boils down to the pupils’ own preferences and what interests them, as this will have a beneficial effect.

How Many Subjects Are Compulsory For O Levels In Pakistan?

Additionally, the pupils in this situation shouldn’t be burdened and should get the right counseling. Parents must support their children’s preferences and understand them. O-Levels are a crucial first step in the right direction. It is preferable for the kids to make their own decisions. Lets summarize this debate

  • Choose the first set of combinations if you think you enjoy biology, have good grades, or hope to become a doctor in the future.
  • In a similar vein, if mathematics was the subject that scored well, you should surely take it together with Physics and Chemistry. Anyone who wishes to be an engineer, architect, pilot, or astronaut must follow these guidelines.
  • On the other hand, it would be better to major in business studies, economics, and accounting if the area of business executives appeals to you.

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