10 Effective Strategies O/A Level Results to Consider in 2022

Effective Strategies O/A Level Results

A suitable and appropriate timetable planning leads to Effective Strategies O/A Level Results and ultimately good outcomes in life. While doing well for the O/ A Levels can be a huge boost to your confidence.  There are a number of students who study just for the exam as well as forget all the lessons they have learned regarding their subject and walk out of the exam room. This is very natural and is joked about, it is also common, as there is no seeming need in order to retain the information afterwards. how to improve exam results?

Effective Strategies O/A Level Results

However, it’s actually best to study for the O/A Levels like you’ll have to consider the information gained forever. Planning to do well on the exams is one thing. However, planning to do well for life is just another thing. The saying “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!” also applies for studying. 

The reason is, you have to juggle the time between studying as well as other activities that you take part in. However, if you’re unsure and need comprehensive guidance on how you can show maximum effort in your O/A levels, Native Learners are here to help you with the best strategies to study smart. 

Generally, we suggest our students take thirty minutes of their time every two weeks to schedule things. If you plan too far, there’ll be a huge possibility of events cropping up such as planned outings with friends. Things will be messy and the timetable you have planned will also be disturbed. 

Set your study targets

The very first thing to do is, go through your study objectives for each subject. Make a list, have you met them? Are you having trouble with it? And if so, what’s the reason and solutions? Keep in consideration, it’s alright to be slightly derailed, not to meet all the targets all of the time. Sometimes there’s a need for more time than our expectations. However, if this starts to be a consistent pattern, relook your plans, and seek out extra help in order to get motivation to come back on track. 

Along with this, if you have not set the study targets yet, must add them on your bucket-list. Many students want to set the targets in line with their school’s schedule, so that they are always on top of their studies. There’s a great need to ensure that you are capable of fitting in prior topics that have been covered in school as well, for revision.

Many schools in Pakistan finish the O-Level syllabus by June, that means there’s a significant need to relook your study plan to ensure that you have set sufficient time to cover different subjects.

Do your homework

Being buried under a pile of homework is tough. We believe that having homework is every student’s worst nightmare, as well as for good reason. When the exams are coming up, teachers unload an impossible barrage of homework for you to practice on. It seems extremely stressful for students. Sometimes it also makes them recoil in disgust at the prospect of more homework.

Hence, if the student keeps focusing on the end goal that is achieving the best grades in O/ A Levels, it will motivate them to push through the homework. Along with this, doing more homework also helps them to take note of which topics that they are weak in.

Plan a routine that works for you

Keep in consideration, every student is unique, and functions differently. Some of the students find it easier to sleep early after dinner, in order to wake up early before dawn, to do their revision. However, some of the students find it preferable to work on revision after school, as they feel that they can retain information better that way. 

For maximum outcome, it would be best to make a plan for a dedicated slot of time for you to do your homework as far as possible. Remember to set aside time to spend with your family as well as leisure time. It’s not good for the students to spend every waking moment studying.

Clarify all the doubts

Clarifying your doubts on O/A Levels is a significant step towards achieving good grades. Sometimes it can be a challenge to ask teachers or friends for help clarifying the doubts, especially if you are shy. However, not doing so may cause you to have misconceptions. Worse still, you may needlessly lose marks to questions. 

 If you feel shy or embarrassed to openly ask questions, ask for a private consultation with your teacher. Most teachers also will offer some form of consultation time before the exams itself. However, the chances of undisturbed time with the teacher is slim, as there’s many other students rushing to ask. Many students if O/A levels wait till a week before the exams in order to clarify their doubts that may lead to unnecessary anxiety

If the teacher is fully booked up, a great alternative is consulting friends that are strong on the topic. Be prepared to offer to tutor as nothing comes for free.

 Eat regular meals and exercise

Eating well-balanced plays an essential role in your study routine as well as boosts your study concentration. It’s suggested to eat your meals regularly, add 8-10 glasses of water per day, limit snacking during study and avoid sugary items. 

In order to keep yourself fit, add exercise in your daily routine after adding a healthy diet. Many students claim they do not have enough time to exercise, but it does have some merit.

Our lives are so hectic that we have nary a moment to exercise. But, there’s a great need to know that exercise plays an integral role in improving your physical as well as mental health. Exercise also keeps your learning, thinking, and judgment skills sharp. So, ensure to reserve some time for blood pumping exercise to score well for Effective Strategies O/A Level Results.

Get enough sleep

Although, it’s a common tip, but effective for a reason. This is one point that students don’t take care of, their sleeping hours. A lot of students constantly say that they’re tired and sleep deprived. Even teachers also complain that students lack vitality and enthusiasm. 

According to scientific studies, it has been concluded that eight hours of sleep is the optimum amount of sleep to stay active and healthy. If anyone is sleeping less than six hours every night, the best thing is to forward your sleeping time. 

If you make a drastic change the body will not be capable of adapting. Even if the schedule is tight and you don’t have enough time to sleep, it’s still recommended to get six hours in order to boost your productivity levels.

Don’t limit yourself to a single source

Without any doubt, the internet has become the largest as well as enriched resource for education, but that’s not enough for the A level exams. Studying the textbooks of course, and getting help from your teachers is great. Don’t be shy. Google search can yield a lot of results but the surety of correct answers is indeterminate.

 Some quick cheat sheets with the required information 

A common phenomenon that students experience is having studied some information, but are unable to remember said information in the exam despite trying their hardest to remember.

so, we as experts suggest you make some quick cheat sheets with all basic information you need to recall and repeatedly look at it before entering the exam hall. 

Sometimes, this tip can induce some stress but can also act as a real-lifesaver if the information that you have trouble memorizing is tested during your examination.

Be tidy and organized

A recent study reported that a clean and tidy environment plays an important role in boosting productivity. If the room or study area is filthy and chaotic, picking concepts might be challenging. Cleanliness extends the way you organize your worksheets and homework. 

If you spend your time running in frustration trying to find a particular one, then it’s time to reorganize. Moreover, not only are messy notes unpleasant to look at, they may also take up a lot of revision time. 

An appropriate way to organize the worksheets is, get a ring file for every subject as well as some dividers. Sort the worksheets according to topics in order to find the worksheet that you need. Hence, it’ll be more efficient and easier to sort through afterwards.

 Regular breaks while revising

While we would like to be robots with endless endurance and perfect memory as during the O/A Level exam, it’s not going to happen. Some students get too carried away revising for hours on end. They forget to do some other important things. 

Unlike robots who maintain maximum efficiency at all times, the concentration gradually degrades. If a student studies for too long, he’ll feel overly drained and demoralized.  Moreover, it also risks fostering a negative attitude towards the work. A good time between studying and break time is taking around 15 minutes for every hour of studying. 

Cramming is a bad idea

Cramming is done by those who are unprepared for exams. For students, it’s actually a bad idea  to burn the midnight oil in order to cram. That costs them their sleep and hinders their ability to focus during exams. Moreover, cramming causes stress levels to build up impeding your ability to recall information.

We recommend having a periodic review from time to time of what you have learnt. In this way, the information can be retained in your brain. Along with this, if you’re unsure of your ability to get information before the exam, take a quick help from cheat sheets.

Use effective memory techniques in O/A Levels 

Effective Strategies O/A Level Results

Flowcharts may work for you, if it fits your learning style. Finding an effective memory technique that sticks with you as well as utilizing it to the fullest extent. Be it drawing flowcharts. 

The students can use the flash cards, reciting the materials over and over as well as other Effective Strategies O/A Level Results. As there are hundreds of mathematical formulas, important historical events needed to know in history, some effective learning methods are beneficial. 

Keep your phone away

It would be best to remove all sources of distraction while studying.  A short mobile game for break is good but the truth is you know you do not have self-control. So, it’s better to have the phone off limits.

If you are desperate for help for your exams and need to concentrate on studying well it’s suggested to delete the social media accounts for the temporary period to help you focus.  These are some effective strategies to get maximum results in your O/A level exams in Pakistan.  To wrap up, take regular breaks and don’t over-stress your mind, find some memory techniques and stick with it. That’s all from Native Learners

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