Computer Science 2210-P2 : Complete course

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About Course

University of Cambridge Olevel Computer science 2210 Paper 2 :
In this course, we will deal with paper2 which is Practical Problem-solving and Programming paper.
CAIE requires you to learn a practical language like visual basic ( Console Mode ), and Python ( Console Mode ).

What Syllabus Says :
Written paper, 1 hour 45 minutes, 50 marks
This is a compulsory question paper, consisting of short-answer and structured questions set in section 2 of the
subject content. All questions are compulsory. Candidates answer on the question paper. 20 of the marks in this
paper are from questions set on tasks provided in the Paper 2 Problem-solving and Programming pre-release
Candidates need sufficient practical sessions within their lesson timetable so they learn the contents of the section in a largely practical way. Candidates must program in a high-level programming language chosen by the center.
The programming language must be procedural. (Visual Basic,Python)
There is some examining of knowledge with understanding, but most of the credit is for using techniques
and skills to solve problems. The examination questions require candidates to have practical programming
experience, including writing their own programs, executing (running), testing, and debugging them. Knowledge of programming language syntax is not examined; in all cases, the logic is more important than the syntax.

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What Will You Learn?

  • By taking this course you will be covering the syllabus and you will learn programming structure as well
  • The programming Structure is a Core element to learn in program developement.
  • Control conditions( if then else endif)
  • Definite loops
  • indefinite loops
  • 1D Arrays.

Course Content

Introduction to Syllabus
What CAIE wants from you

  • Syllabus Explaination

Chapter1: Introduction to Programming Logics
In this Chapter, we will be discussing the Programming logic and stages involved in programming, which is also known as a structure of programming.

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