List Best School Of O/A Levels in Karachi 2023

Best School Of O/A Levels in Karachi

College is one of most essential as well as unforgettable parts of a student’s life. The reason is, college is the basis and commencement of a profession. A student’s future is significantly dependent on college education.  How can a job be successful if the roots are weak? Selection of the Best School Of O/A Levels in Karachi is one of the challenging decisions for the parents. Higher education in Pakistan is the initial level of proper training for a career.

 Best School Of O/A Levels in Karachi

Every parent hopes that their children will be accepted into a good school or college of A levels. Which is the best school for O levels in Karachi? In Karachi, there are several best schools and colleges offering the best A Levels education Program. We all know that a lot of competition has started between colleges. But Native Learners still know all the best colleges for good study practice. Here’s the list of some of the best schools and colleges in Karachi for A/O Levels

List Best School Of O/A Levels in Karachi

The Lyceum School

The Lyceum School was established in 1987 as well as has many branches in Karachi. The school was significantly founded to meet the growing demands of quality education regarding O-A level. 

It’s fascinating to know that the Lyceum School system Karachi endorses the students who have creative thinking determined to their goal. Lyceum follows The Cambridge system. The school’s main principles are respect, honesty, and responsibility. Every year hundreds of students complete their A levels and get admissions abroad as well as the best universities of Karachi.  

Being the Round Square school, Lyceum is committed to internationalism, democracy, adventure, leadership, environment, and service. All of the teaching staff is well qualified from reputable institutes and the use of Fablab for the practical demonstration of scientific concepts elaborates a unique feature.

White House Grammar School

The White House grammar school in Karachi has been serving the students from the last three decades. The institute is offering O level education under the Cambridge International Examinations. White House Grammar School is an independent and selective coeducational school providing quality education.

Ladybird Grammar School

There’s a great need to know that the students of Ladybird Grammar school get an exceptional combination of academic theory as well as practical experience. The school was founded in 1982 as well as fulfills the dream of quality education. The teachers work on the initial development of students as well as create knowledge and academic development through O-A level programs.

The American Foundation, Cambridge School

The American foundation institution aims to give knowledge and enhance the creative learning to the students. The institutes offer the best education system making it proudly provided A level studies and teachers of TAFS experienced in their subjects.

Beacon House 

Beacon House was established in 1975 as a Montessori with just 19 kids. Now, it has a population of over 300,000 students. Over 100,000 students are enrolled in BSS, while more than 200,000 students’ study in The Educators. Thousands of students are learning on BSS international campuses all over the country. Along with its nationwide campuses throughout the country, Beaconhouse is also considered as one among the well-established O-A level schools in Pakistan. 

The OASYS School

The Oasys School is one of the registered institutes with Cambridge University providing high-quality education at an O-A level. The institute was established in 1998, located in Clifton Karachi. The Oasys school has a vision of offering creative skills and knowledge. Moreover, all the faculty members of Oasys are highly qualified. It’s fascinating to know that the school has maintained high academic standards in Pakistan along with the intellectual skills of students. The remarkable curriculum and teachers will satisfy the needs of education for students.

Karachi American School

Karachi American School is the most prestigious and one of the institutes in Karachi. The school was established in 1953 as International School of Karachi. Around 50 highly qualified faculty members are considered as the best educationists in the city. 

Karachi American School offers primary, secondary and O/A levels education to secure the future of the students. The school has a great modern infrastructure. Highly equipped laboratory and sports curriculum are the significant highlights of the school. 

Karachi American School also organizes various creative and recreational activities in order to help students grow in every aspect of life. The school has really a tough competition with respect to admission making it a selective institution in the city.

British Overseas School

British Overseas School in Karachi is also called as BOS, a coeducational selective, as well as of the oldest schools. The school was established in 1958 as a primary school. Originally, it was for British migrants only but in 2000, the local people were also allowed for the admission. 

The school follows the British curriculum and offers education from pre- bursary to A Levels. BOS is geared towards preparing students for IGCSE. You’ll be surprised to know that the student of British Overseas School, 12 years old Raadeyah Aamir got selected for an internship at NASA.

Karachi Grammar School

KGS is one of the oldest schools in the city offering the best A Levels education to the students. The school has set high standards for entrance. However, once you get in, you’re going to experience the most experienced faculty and the best company. Karachi Grammar School has made a name for itself by hiring the best educationalists of the city.

Along with studies, little fun is important as the school really knows how to indulge the students in notable extracurricular activities. 

The City School

It’s fascinating to know that the City School is one of the best private schools in Pakistan. The school was established in 1978 in Karachi and now it has around 153 branches in 49 cities of the country. 

Along with this, it also has branches in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, as well as Malaysia. The school offers a number of courses such as early years education, primary, secondary, O/A Levels, as well as local education of Pakistan. 

 Moreover, the city school also emphasizes professional grooming as well as development of the students. The school has over 150,000 students currently enrolled and the strong network is also providing workshops and internships to students.

Dawood Public School

The leading O-A level school of Karachi aims to provide quality education, the demand of time. Dawood public school was established in 1983. The school’s vision is to promote education among women of Pakistan. 

The school presented primary and secondary education, but now it has progressed to O levels. In 2010, Dawood public school launched A level program. Dawood Public School is one of the leading O/A levels schools especially for women education. It’s fascinating to know that the school organizes a lot of co-curricular activities in order to make the students’ minds active and sharp. 

Along with this, Dawood public school has more than 19 clubs and societies. It’s a trust owned institution providing sound education to over 2500 girls.

Bay View School

Bay View School Karachi is a coeducational and selective school in Karachi. It was established in 1994, but now it has five campuses. The school offers Junior schooling, middle schooling, and of course O/A levels. Bay View School offers a variety of subject-specific, music, oratory, outdoor, drama as well as charity societies that were owned by students. The school also focuses on sports activities as well as education to more than a thousand students every year.

The Avicenna School

Avicenna is a coeducational school of Karachi that was established in 1996. The school is providing inexpensive O-A level studies. Its main campus is located in Clifton, Karachi and the institute is known for its high quality level programs.

Bahria College Karachi- Cambridge wing

Bahria College Karachi is known as one of Karachi’s premier institutions. The college was established in January 1982. Since then, it has given its all in the area of education as well as has established itself as a reliable college in Karachi. 

For studying upper secondary education, Baharia college offers it services. The college focuses on both the academic and personal development of the students. The institute is an English-medium institution as well as college offers a healthy environment with practical opportunities that are best for students’ moral, social, physical, and intellectual development. 

The Cambridge wing of the college offers A Levels education to both girls and boys.  With interactive and modular teaching approaches, the college uses a problem-based learning philosophy. 

The college offers advanced laboratories, museums, teaching spaces for small group instruction, as well as a skills laboratory. As a teaching hospital, the college is also associated with PNS Shifa. For the bright future of the students, Baharia college Karachi emphasizes research as well as host three national symposia in recent years. 

The verdict 

Finding the best school/ school for children is decisive for parents as the school plays an essential role in children’s mental as well as physical health. Along with this, a person’s whole life and ideology that is significantly based on his education. 

Pakistan has well-known educational institutions to enhance student’s natural abilities and creativity. It was all about some of the best institutes offering O/A levels education in Karachi. Now it’s not a big deal to select the best O-A level school everywhere in Karachi. 

We Native Learners know that these degrees have a significant value for you and have a high-class reputation. Although, the O-A level courses are quite tough, you’ll be capable to achieve everything with a strong willpower.

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