List of Best School For A Level in Pakistan 2023

Best School For A Level in Pakistan

In this article, we will have a detailed insight about the best school for A Level in Pakistan.  Advanced level qualification (known as A levels) is a subject-based qualification that is widely gained in the private schools of Pakistan, usually offered by schools and colleges for students aged 16 and above. It is the higher Secondary School degree which is internationally recognized.

A Level programme is the premier programme in the country. 

“From outstanding results to exciting co-curricular, from admissions to top ranking universities worldwide to awe inspiring alumni. A Level has it all”. 

Whether you are thinking of pursuing higher studies or planning for your future career, universities and employers expect candidates to have a solid educational foundation, demonstrated by recognizable and renowned qualifications. 

Best School For A Level in Pakistan

A Level acts as a gateway to higher education at university. A-level is highly valued by employers and universities as it can open doors of diverse opportunities for you as an A Level student. However, the question arises “Which school is best for A Level in Pakistan”. 

While choosing a particular school, it is important to understand which fundamentals are crucial to be considered for A Level studies. The salient features of a well-designed and structured A Level programmer include:

Salient Features of Best School for A Level

  • Excellent Results
  • International Placements – Top Ranking Universities
  • An Inspiring Learning Environment
  • Highly Experienced & Qualified Faculty
  • A Greater Choice of Subjects
  • Unrivalled Extracurricular Activities
  • Enrichment Programmed
  • Purpose-Built Campuses
  • Means & Merit Scholarships
  • Foreign Educational Trips
  • Dedicated Guidance Counseling

For an in-depth analysis of schools offering A Levels in Pakistan, let’s have a look at some of the testimonials by students who had successfully completed their Cambridge International A Levels and are pursuing their higher studies in one of the leading universities of Pakistan. 

The below mentioned testimonials also gives an insight of the structure of the Academic Programmed being offered by different schools and a justification as to why you should choose a particular school for your A Level studies. These testimonials are also documented on Cambridge International Pakistan’s website.

Students Success Stories – How students rank their school as the ‘Best School for A Level in Pakistan’  

Sana Vaqar, Sara Salman and Obaid Elahi’s testimonials depicts that Beaconhouse School System provides a strong learning foundation for professional studies in Pakistan. The comprehensive academic syllabus with an exposure to practical work not just helps to reinforce concepts but also instills the enthusiasm to learn beyond. 

The ability to produce outstanding academic results, combined with unparalleled support of teachers, exposure to extra-curricular activities and to instigate a genuine passion for learning makes Beaconhouse one of the leading schools for A Level in Pakistan.

Sakina Abbas and Shahbaz Khan’s testimonials depicts that Roots International School Pakistan provides a very strong platform for pre-university qualification. Its A Level program provides opportunity to students to experience a glimpse of professional academic world, as they prepare students completely and holistically. 

The curriculum and study pattern at Roots helps to equip students with the correct skills and abilities required to proceed confidently in university life, making them a reflective and an inquisitive learner.

The holistic approach and broad vision in academic excellence makes Roots International School as one of the best schools for A Level in Pakistan

Aheed Javaid, Aliha Ahmed Qureshi and Abdul Moiz Rafay’s testimonials depicts that The City School Pakistan offers a rigorous academic programme for A Levels that focuses on the conceptual side of the curriculum. The school provides a very liberal and conducive environment to its students for broadened outlook, creative thinking and enhanced communication & interpersonal skills.   

The City School has consistently maintained its standards and is viewed as a benchmark for excellence. It not just provides comprehensive career counseling to its students in choosing the best subject combinations in A Level but also provides opportunities to learn from experts around the world through Bridge U application programmed. Due to supremacy in academic excellence, the City School qualifies in top ten positions among the best schools for A Level in Pakistan.

Navaera Sulaiman’s testimonial depicts that Karachi Grammar School provides a work ethic to students to smoothly navigate the transition from school life to meeting the demands of university life. The educational system offers a holistic approach which encourages academic growth, co-curricular participation and the development of interpersonal and leadership skills.  KGS acts as the most promising school for A Level in Karachi due to the focused approach of securing best possible record of achievement in academics and enabling students to be successful in gaining admission to their desired universities at home or abroad. 
Bilal Mazhar’s testimonial depicts that the A Level programmer at Aitchison College relies in establishing a strong conceptual foundation of academic subjects/ courses. Renowned for its excellent academic programs, highly experienced teachers, a nurturing environment and a leading sports program, Aitchison provides a world class environment to its students to grow and achieve academic success par excellence. 
One of the most notable features of Aitchison College is the high success rate of students gaining entry to universities of their first choice, both here and overseas. Undoubtedly, Aitchison ranks at the leading position among the list of best schools for A Level in Lahore.

The aforementioned testimonials certify that the fundamentals like comprehensive academic syllabus with an exposure to practical work provide a strong learning foundation to students with an ability to produce outstanding academic results

‘Excellent Results’ enlist among the fundamentals for the A Level studies. 

Let’s have a look at the statistics of the ‘High Achievers’ for classification of the best school for A Level in Pakistan.

High Achievers Analysis – Best Schools for A Level in Pakistan


Beaconhouse students have maintained a tradition of being the highest scorers in A Level subjects across Pakistan and the world. The most recent statistics from CIE indicate that the most ‘top achievers’ in Pakistan are from Beaconhouse. 
Students who appeared in A Level examinations, achieved a total of 2,219 A-stars and As, from 27 campuses across all 3 regions.


LACAS has been exceptional in producing outstanding results with highest achievers worldwide due to its tailored academic curriculum and highly qualified faculty. 


Recognizing Academic Achievement of Millennials Millennium Education Pakistan maintains a 35 years legacy of commitment to academic excellence and quality of education imparted across The Millennium Education and Future World Schools & Colleges.
The A Level students at Millennium obtained remarkable achievement of 24 Cambridge Learner Awards in CAIE June-Nov 2021 and secured an outstanding result of 1100 A* & A grades in the Cambridge Assessment International Examination-CAIE June 2022 series. With such remarkable results, Millennium marks its achievement as one of the best schools for A Level in Pakistan
The exceptional grades in the A Level result enabled students to pursue the career of their choice at their dream national or international universities. Millennium is considered to be a center of academic excellence for globally recognized CAIE AS and A Levels qualification.


What makes Roots the Best School for A Level ? The answer is ‘International University Acceptance & Student Placements’.
Students at Roots International Schools & Colleges have been achieving outstanding results every year with a number of students amongst high achievers in Pakistan and the world. 
Roots provide the best international educational study programs and opportunities to its students to secure acceptances at the leading universities of the world for higher education. Students at Roots International secured 63 A*s and 67 A’s in their Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) A Levels Results MAY / JUNE 2022. 
A Level student’s also secured more than $50 Million in scholarships from the leading universities around the world, including acceptances from the Ivy League and the Russell group.

Concluding Remarks – Selection of Best School for A Level in Pakistan 

Cambridge International A Level is a ‘gold standard’ qualification. It has exactly the same value in admitting students to universities as the UK equivalent, and is accepted as an entry qualification by Universities Worldwide.

For over 50 years, Cambridge A Levels have been accepted as proof of academic ability for entry to universities and institutes of higher education. They are also important to employers who frequently demand A Levels as a condition of job entry.

Scoring good grades in A Level is a key to admission for all the World’s major English speaking universities and almost all the top universities in Pakistan.

The above article highlights the ‘Academic Excellence’ of some of the best schools for A Level in Pakistan. However, before choosing a particular school it is suggested to visit each school physically for detailed understanding of its environment, academic syllabus, subject choices and opportunities for future career prospects. 

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