What are the Benefits of O Level in Pakistan?

Benefits of O Level in Pakistan

The term “O Level” denotes the ordinary level, which is a global credential available in many nations including Pakistan and India as well as in:

  • Singapore
  • Bangladesh
  • Sri Lanka

The Cambridge Assessment International Examination is managed by the British Council in Pakistan. In contrast, The Pakistani government offers education as an alternative to the matriculation system. Because of several circumstances, including the high cost, commutation cost, and extra costs imposed by the schools. this qualification in Pakistan is only available to the middle and elite classes of Pakistan.

Benefits of O Level in Pakistan

The O levels are an analytics-based program that offers a variety of disciplines to its audience. Cambridge divides all related countries into Zones starting from 1 to 6, whereas Pakistan falls in zone4.

A few subjects are listed below, but it’s important to keep in mind that some are mainly required in Pakistan, such as Islamiyat, Pakistan Studies, and Urdu. other subjects like Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Management, Business Studies, Commerce, and many more are accepted worldwide. You can check the list of subjects here.

For Pakistan, a student has to appear in 8 subjects of which three are compulsory and 5 are elective, whereas internationally you require only 5 subjects to get admission.
But it’s important to be aware that not all institutions offer every course. It would be advisable to get advice on this from the required school before getting admission to it.
Most schools divide the curriculum into three years, but in reality, your kid can complete it in two years easily.

The Real Benefits of O Level in Pakistan

Colleges and Schools adopt the Cambridge worldwide curriculum. Remember that this educational approach enables pupils to develop their talents and stimulate their thinking in addition to learning information.

According to Cambridge, a student can develop an analytical, collaborative, and critical perspective through the O levels of schooling. Apart from research, this breadth expands as well.
It’s intriguing to learn that this curriculum’s overall success has allowed pupils to be accepted into prestigious international universities like Harvard and Cambridge etc. However, there are some additional benefits or perks to taking Benefits of O Level in Pakistan.

This level is seen as ideal for fields involving mathematics. Because it is demanding, this study is more beneficial over a longer period. The student is no more in a cramming system where they memorize chapters and topics and will gain marks if they write exactly what is written in the books, whereas in O level Cambridge analyzes your ability based on understanding and knowledge, and implementation of knowledge to real-life situations and facing the unseen questions in exams.

In the theoretical studies, Students might approach the subjects in O levels from a different angle. All subjects you selected will take you to real-life implications rather than only theoretical concepts.
If you want to study at an international university, the Cambridge curriculum will undoubtedly be very beneficial to you in the long run. Even help you to cope with the international syllabus.
The educational system’s O levels have an enormous international value that cannot be disregarded.

The confidence level of students is increased due to the analytic approach they learn in o-level, reason is that student work throughout two years accessing all elements analytically, overall it helps them to increase their confidence. The analytical approach gives you more creativity as a result. That is the essential element for job markets.

Even if you gain a C in English you don’t need to appear in ILETS which is the requirement for international admissions. Whereas those with a matric system they have to go through it.
In Pakistan, two examination series are held annually. The first one takes place in May and June, while the second one happens in October and November. practical will be held in April or in October. you are free to select the exam session of your choice. Reading and writing proficiency, together with the practical’s, which are also highly helpful if the necessary materials are provided, are two of this qualification’s key objectives.


If you belong to a strong financial structure with enough resources to go for international education. You should pursue O-level and A-level and then international universities for further education.
If vice versa, however, it would be smart to take into account a national qualification like Matric as well if you wish to pursue a profession locally. Even with a local qualification, one can pursue an international qualification. But a very rare number out of Pakistan do that after matric, most of the students go for further education after completing their bachelor’s and masters or professional degree.

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