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Become a Teacher

1-Plan Your Course

What do you Do?
Plan your Course , go through its syllabus, Past Papers ,mark schemes ,pinpoint major sections, divide syllabus in to topics, under topics comes the chapters you want to teach, in chapters make video lectures on sub topics , video lecture should not be bigger than 15 mins , so it will be easy for students to understand , prepare notes(PDF) , assignments , Exercises related to sub topic so it can be added along with video

How can we Help you?
Our support team will have you guide you in dividing the course into sections  and how to compile the resources.

2-Record your videos

What do you do ?
Use basic tools like a good webcam or a DSLR camera to record your video,use a good microphone for voice recording and you’re ready to start.If you don’t prefer to be on camera, just capture your computer screen. Either way, we recommend  at least 4 hours or more of video for a paid course.For free course content two chapters videos are enough to provide a glimpse to students of  how you teach. Consider free courses as trail classes

How we help?
Native Learners support team is available to help you throughout the process and provide feedback on you test videos. even help you to create stuff using Native studio

3-Market your Course

What do you do?
For better marketing, you need to gather your first ratings and reviews by promoting your course through social media and your professional networks. We insist you do it in your student circle as well.Your course will be discoverable in Native Learners marketplace where you earn revenue from each paid enrollment.

How we help?
Native learners will  advertise your course individually doing it along as well but we recommend you use 1000 (ad mode) per sold course 

4-Our Discount Pattern

What do you do ?
Our customized Discount coupon codes are generated on Teacher request, once added in the system, lets you offer enrollment incentives to the Students which will help you  drive traffic to your courses. There’s even more opportunity for courses chosen for Native Learners Business for universities.
How we help?
Native learners will  advertise your course individually doing it along as well but we recommend you use 1000 (ad mode) per sold course 

Teacher Rules & Regulations

1-If you want to become a teacher on, you should create your profile on site with genuine contact details and wrong misleading information can cause disqualification at any time. can obtain proof of validity in photocopies of credentials, and resumes, if required, has a right to add you as a verified teacher or can remove the status at any time as per his policy so that we can offer our customers a specialized service. 

3-All content uploaded on the site with these related graphics should be up on-site for at least 3 years, after that teacher can put a request to down his content from our site. Teachers can’t use the same set of recorded material on another site during and after the down is down. 

4-The company has to generate graphical artworks for every Teacher e.g headers, sliders, posts, and course headers to maintain a symmetric standard for the site to meet international standards, against these services the company has bound to acquire an initial amount of 7000 in the start. (amount is subject to change with reference to the dollar)

5-Strong digital presence is the critical success of the project, the company will provide a complete advertisement (locally and abroad) of your courses using multiple mediums to drive a strong audience towards courses. For that, an amount of 1000 Rs will be deducted from every course sold for the purpose of advertising and creating your strong social media existence. 

6- the amount of 10000 will be held as security out of your sold courses and the remaining you can request to withdraw after 15 days through our withdrawal system.

7-All graphics work developed for teachers is the sole property of the company, you can’t use those graphics anywhere or on other sites, on personal social channels or on social sites.

8- The Share division between the company and teachers is 20% and 80%.

9- Withdrawal payment requests can be accepted after every 15 days, all payments will be made through bank transactions, and the teacher has to provide his bank account details(IBAN). 

10- Our company aims to provide freedom to teachers to construct courses as per their subject experiences, all material of the teacher is his property ( all videos, notes, pdf, quizzes, assignments he can delete his existence from the site at any time on his will. for that, you have to request the Site admin.

11- The company uses all means to promote your existence. We expect our respected teachers to introduce us as much to their students as they can. It will help them to sell their courses in their circle at the start.

12- The purpose of a free course is to provide an option for students to analyze the teacher’s teaching method. If The student agrees he will buy your full course. If as a teacher you feel like you wanna give one full course free to your student you can kindly talk to the administration about it.

13-there are two types of courses, live sessions, and recorded Online courses both of them are time bound, choose wisely for how long you want your student can access your course e.g two months, or three months. So that expiration of the course can be set.

14- Don’t let the fear overcome you that course content will be shared with other students. in the digital world if your update your content after every session by adding New assignments, new questions, and new practical exercises a large audience will be following you. being a teacher you should be ready to update and equip yourself with new techniques and methods. Students can have only one session either through mobile or either through desktop or laptop and their frequent IP addresses are noted by the system for future reference, if he tries to provide a username and password to another person and he tries to login through a new address system will warn the student about his attempt resulting in banning the system.

15-Teachers can create Any courses through native learners, but final approval will be done by our academic team. Native Learners will facilitate teachers in creating courses and turning their ideas into reality, for that continuous communication between teacher and academic admin is inevitable.

16- Students are not only our clients, there is a life-level bonding relationship between teacher and students, we expect you to be professional and behave like a proper professional teacher, especially communicating with them. Our admins will be monitoring every individual chat, course, and online zoom class as well. They are here to get knowledge from your not for friendships.

17- If a student is a problem child and disturbing especially in online classes, kindly report to the academic admin so appropriate action can be taken.

18- It is recommended for a digital presence that when your course is taken by a large number of students, you at least give them one on two classes online to clear questions and any ambiguity of topics which you’re narrating in your recorded videos, for that you should coordinate with the academic admin.

19- Our site is multi-platform friendly (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile), the recommended mode for the students is to use desktop or laptop to see your recorded videos as compare to mobile and no doubt using headphone is a plus point, kindly recommend all audience in your online classes or in persons to use recommended options.

20- Company has a discount coupon number system for every teacher. If a teacher wants to give a discount to students, contact the academic admin.

21- In case of any problem in site utilization or accessing, kindly contact Site Admin.

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